Career STRATEGIST | personal branding expert

  • Coached 4,700+ individuals to develop and successfully implement effective job search strategies
  • Authored 'Personal Branding, Cutting Through the Clutter' - published in the Australian.
  • Received two national 'Outstanding Customer Service' awards with White Group. Awarded US conference.
  • CEO JET Training Pty Ltd
  • Dip. Small Business Management; Cert IV TAA; OPQ; Birkman International; NLP; Leader as Coach
  • Networking with 850+ professionals
  • BAEd Adult & Workplace Education (AWE) (Hons)
  • Owner/Director JET Training - freelance training. Grew business from zero to $100k within 3 years
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio. Right Management Champion AUNZ
  • JET Training - developed, delivered, evaluated 60+ learning initiatives for 10 Corporations & RTOs
  • Subject matter expert and 'go-to' on social media personal branding on behalf of Right Management.
  • Facilitated Cert IV, Dip and corporate subjects to 1,500+ students with 100% competency success
  • Educating candidates on Social Media as a key element of effective personal branding strategies
  • Retail Manager - 32 staff to Regional Manager -15 sites to Learning & Development Manager - 3 staff
  • Endorsed by candidates, clients and co-workers for passion, enthusiasm, expertise & professionalism
  • Presented L&D concepts to 4 conferences of up to 300+ delegates with consistently positive feedback.
  • Supervised 30+ staff, 15 franchise operations, 5 career management experts.
  • Delivering Job Search Strategy sessions to Mates4Mates on behalf of Right Management.

CAREER Summary

Jane Telford
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't Settle." - S. Jobs
Whether transitioning to new opportunities or looking to add value to your existing company, I help you define your goals and develop personal branding strategies for achieving career success.

Emerging from a restructure? I've experienced the emotional rollercoaster and that's why I delight in arming you with the tools, strategies and confidence to get out there, beat the competition and nail that next job; helping you develop:

• Cutting-edge, targeted resumes/websites to articulate your value
• Focused social media personal branding to attract prospects
• Robust job search/networking campaigns to find opportunities
• Finely tuned interviewing and salary negotiation skills to land

Looking to accelerate career goals aligned with those of your company? I'll also help you build strategies to drive career success including:

• Goal-driven performance planning to maximise strengths
• Succession planning to drive a consistent talent pipeline
• Change communications to address shifting business landscapes
• Restructure management to ensure dignified employee exits.

Over 10,000 people coached to date - from private sector organisations, government and NFP including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, banking and finance - and I still relish the smiles on clients' faces when they find job satisfaction and career success!

Career Strategist | Personal Branding Expert | Social Media Marketer

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Career development | management | transition , Right Management

    Currently leading a team of seven in the delivery of talent and career management initiatives to local industry clients. 

    Coached over 10,000+ individuals to successfully develop and implement robust job search marketing strategies and land new positions, with candidate satisfaction rating average 4.5+:5.

    Mentored a team of five in the delivery of 15+ career development and transition initiatives resulting in a 36% service response rate against 30% benchmark and 4.53 candidate satisfaction score against a 4.2 benchmark.

    Achieved 20% lift in candidate satisfaction by researching global best practice, rebuilding eight transition webinar decks, running sheets and descriptors and coaching 12 facilitators in delivery.

    Researched, developed, secured state champions then implemented a Social Media Advanced Branding Strategy program that actively contributed to the company’s leading edge in solutions delivery.  

    Represented Asia Pacific in the design of a visual model and universally consistent language describing the company’s transition services. Outcomes since adopted and model adapted for global consistency.  

    Led 15+ local workforce reductions and delivered change management, redeployment and retrenchment solutions for clients in banking, mining, pharmaceutical and industrial, with 90%+ take-up rate.

    Delivered 360-degree feedback then coached 20 middle management employees in the implementation of personal strategies to successfully address the amalgamation of three Government teams into one.

    • Managed the logistics and delivery of transition services for over 300 individuals impacted by a large banking restructure and off-shoring exercise, with 100% success and zero interruption to business.

  2. -
    Owner | Director | Consultant | Facilitator, JETTraining Pty Ltd

    Consulted, contracted created, facilitated and evaluated learning and development and career management solutions on behalf of corporate entities and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

    Delivered 10+ Certificate IV and Diploma subjects in group settings and one on one on for 3 RTOs, tailoring content to meet specific needs of 1,500+ individuals, with 100% competency success.

    Coached 60+ local council employees on Leadership Development, Project Management, Organizational Capability, Advanced Negotiation and Proposal Development with consistently positive client feedback.  

    • Delivered 6 Self-Management workshops to 80+ Department of Justice and Attorney at Law that equipped employees with action plans to successfully perform in challenging environments.

    Facilitated 32 industry-tailored selling skills programs to over 2,500 sales staff within a tight 2-month time frame, directly contributing to a banking institute’s 100% sales accreditation success.

    Equipped 12 Resort leaders with Project Management skills to successfully integrate 9 new ‘lifestyle’ apartments with existing facilities, with zero business disruption.

    Facilitated 24 ‘Career Power’ programs for coaches and teams that actively equipped 400+ employees with goal-driven development strategies that successfully contributed to a bank’s succession planning strategy.

    Created and delivered 5 team building and customer care workshops for a duty-free food franchise that lifted sales by 6% and led to a 5% reduction in staff turnover despite a severe downturn in air traffic.

  3. -
    Learning & Development Leader | Facilitator , Mayne Pharma - Terry White Group

    Led a team of specialists in the design and delivery of a professional development curriculum for over 3,500 pharmacists, managers and front-line staff.

    Analysed needs in consultation with key stakeholders, designed a curriculum and developed 15+ L&D programs that successfully provided measurably consistent franchise management and service standards across all 95 sites.

    Custom designed in partnership with Monash University Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS) a tertiary accredited financial management program which met industry-specific needs and reported EBIT increases of up to 3%.

    Liaised with industry experts and designed a 'fast track' Pharmacist Graduate professional development program including eight Business Development 'flexible learning' modules, directly contributing to 98% retention and enhanced 'preferred employer' status.

    Presented at four national conferences to 300+ Franchise owners, managers and staff on potential bottom-line benefits of developing staff capability, leading to 96% training take up.

    Organised and hosted quarterly evening seminars that improved product knowledge of 1,500+ staff by negotiating with industry personnel to deliver short effective sessions, resulting in 35%+ increases in product sales.

    Authored a unique Business Management program that provided cosmeticians with the tools to drive cosmetic and fragrance houses on behalf of Pharmacists, the results adding up to 2.5% to bottom line results.

Proudest accomplishment

Candidate smiles when their well crafted career strategies deliver satisfying outcomes.


  • Career Management Expert
    Right Management
  • Business Owner | Director
    JETTraining Pty Ltd
  • L&D Specialist
    Mayne Pharma - TWC Group

Education Highlights

  • BEd AWE (Adult and Workplace Education) (Hons)
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Dip Small Business Management
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
    MW train
  • Birkman International Global Trainer Accredited
  • OPQ Accredited
  • NLP Practitioner Accredited
  • Performance Coaching Accredited
    osa group


  • World Vision


    writing a book page BY PAGE


  • 850+
  • 7,000
    professionals transitioned to new careers
  • 600+

Skills:  EXPERIENCE IN years

  • Change Management
  • leadership management
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Development
  • Management Development
  • Career Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Culture Change
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Transitioning

Questions & Answers

What do you like most about being a Career Management Expert?

The delight on my client's faces as they emerge from the emotional fallout of redundancy armed with effective job search strategies, a renewed sense of purpose, poised, confident and ready to embrace their new dream job.
Why did you choose this career path?

While undertaking Right Management's transition services, the career stock-take stopped me in my tracks. Developing staff capability to drive bottom line results was one thing; helping people develop and manage rewarding and personally satisfying careers, quite another. If we're passionate about what we do, bottom line results follow.
Stand out expertise?
Social Media branding in all its forms. My speciality lies in helping our candidates curate a strategic personal branding message that secures them a competitive edge in a challenging market place. 
What else do you enjoy doing?
I also enjoy helping companies and individuals create talent strategies for career management that improve business agility and performance, then delivering solutions that address the entire workforce life-cycle.
A few recommendations:
Gary Gibson J.P. (Qual.) Board Member at Court Network Board of Directors Court Network Board of Directors UQ

Jane is the “go to” person for career transitioning and personal branding. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has honed her career management skill set over many years and is very tech savvy and knows exactly how to present yourself in the best possible light to a prospective employer. She has made it her business to keep abreast of the latest developments in the career planning and strategizing arena and combines that extensive industry knowledge with her passion for social media to offer a very potent combination to anyone seeking assistance in marketing themselves to a prospective employer. Jane would make a valuable member of any team and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any position to which she chooses to aspire.

Sally Kilbourne: Executive Coach & Organisation Consultant

Jane was extremely helpful and caring in sharing information that would be of value to me. She has a high level of interpersonal skills and is a delight to be with.

Helen Batterham: Director at Enrich Training

Jane is an inspiration! Her passion for developing careers of individuals means she tackles every day with exuberance, endless energy and high spirits. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her for your career development needs.

Lyn TraillExperienced facilitator, highly intuitive - successful corporate and business coach

Jane 's sparkling personality engages easily with all levels of her personal and business world. She is thoroughly organised and her focus is amazing. She also adapts easily to suit client needs using her considerable wealth of knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed our moments of co-facilitation where humour was of paramount importance for both of us!

Tim Spray: Project Director at Windsor Business Solutions (WBS)

Jane is an excellent career coach, delivering a professional service and quality customer results. I would certainly recommend Jane to anyone contemplating or needing future career development training and guidance. Thank you Jane, job well done.

Nick Smith: Intelligence Analyst | Integrity | Professional

Thank-you Jane for your facilitation of the workshop at Mates4Mates. Your ongoing guidance and support is greatly appreciated. I personally learned a lot through your workshop and I now have the tools to go forward in a new career.


  • Pop down to the Blog for 5 tips on how to create a brilliant resume.
    Pop down to the Blog for 5 tips on how to create a brilliant resume.

Videos -  favourite ted talks


Krug Champers to Resume Self Sufficiency

Having now helped over 10,000 transitioning candidates develop effective personal branding strategies and campaigns to drive career success, it’s a given that I’ve seen a few resumes along the way. As a result, friends often ask if I might review their resumes as well. Now to be honest, after a day coaching folk on how to take their resumes from bog standard to attention-grabbing, strength marketing, scan-bot loving documents, it’s kind of the last thing I want to be doing in my leisure...


Brisbane - Queensland - Australia

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